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Virtually all mammals which have social organization have the “Us and Them” mentality. Other “Social” species often have that same mentality in their dealings with others who are not part of their social structure, even of the same species.

Many things can identify someone who “does not belong”. Among animals, outsiders are often identified by a sense of smell. The most likely reason for this discrimination among differing groups is the need to conserve resources. One other reasonable explanation for the rejection of those who are considered outsiders is the necessity to maintain the social order and organization of the group.

A third, less pleasant though more practical, motivation for ostracizing some individuals is to preserve the genetic pool. Among human societies this is best exemplified in the ancient Greek City-State of Sparta. Spartan children who were less than perfect were smashed to death on rocks in order to insure the highest quality of members of their society.

In social groups today we see this mind-set in everything from nationalism to racism. By belonging to a group that is in any way threatening or antipathetic to your own reality, they automatically become “Them” while you are part of “Us”. The US of A has probably more cultures in it than any other country in the world. There are nearly constant tensions between these groups and each group is either “Us” (If you are a member of it) or “Them”.

Interestingly enough, when the nation comes under threat, most of these individual groups, religions and cultures will suddenly become “Americans” and come to the defense of their country. There will always be exceptions to this but that does not make it in any way less true.

If you interpret this to mean that I am saying racisms is natural, you are correct. If you think that excuses it, you could not be further from the truth. Racism is natural in the mindless primitive. Are you a mindless primitive?

How can you tell? Politicians, religious leaders, activists, labor union leaders who are more interested in gaining power than helping mankind, will use their charisma and influence to create distance between differing groups. Sadly, even those whose motives are pure can all too easily pit one group against another and do far more harm than good.

More evil and mayhem is done in the name of righteousness than all other reasons combined.

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