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The Soul

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There is no empirical data to support the existence of a soul much less define it. The most plausible explanation for the belief in the existence of a soul is sentience. This is to an extent conjecture but it is based on information that we are learning about ourselves and the development of civilization. Once mankind was able to think abstractly, however limited in scope that may have been, it is reasonable to infer that birth and death and other natural events evoked questioning ones existence.

Like the old song, why was I born, why am I living... it seems plausible that these questions arose in us, if not in this specific form, at least in a general sense. Our unique capacity to observe and deduce cause and effect combined with verbal communication skills would have given rise to the precursor to religion. The very first "religious" leader was most likely what we would call today, a Witch Doctor. The reason I say this is that those who were able to  draw useful conclusions from natural phenomena would have risen in stature as they were correct in their "prophesies". This would likely have followed shortly after the development of the bow and arrow and coordinated hunting.

Eventually the concept of god arose and religions were created. The soul you ask? Simple: Fear of death. Once you create a mythology, you can make up whatever rules you please.

Perhaps the most important thing one may learn from this is the inadvisability of establishing any belief system based in incomplete information and inaccurate observation.

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