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Slavery is an ancient and, in our time, much despised practice. The sad reality is that most so-called “great” civilizations were built on the back of slaves. Even in some countries where the conscripts were not actual slaves, they were still “required” to participate in the construction process and even paid for their time and efforts.

Even in our country after the end of slavery (legal end that is), it has been necessary for people to work in projects that are government sponsored in order to earn money. In this time, that will be repeated time and time again.

There is also a new kind of slavery. It is financial slavery and was created by financial institutions to insure that they would reap great profits from us while we slaved away to pay them for their cash advances.

Whether it is an illegal loan shark, payday Loan Company or a credit card, the loans are designed to seduce you into borrowing money from them and calculated to obtain the maximum return for the lowest investment for the greatest time. This, after all, is just good business. But you participate willing so TOO BAD!!! Wear your burden and stop complaining. Although you might be able to do something about it if you have the will.

Perhaps the most insidious form of slavery comes from groups and organizations whose stated intent is to help others. One key indicator of such a group or organization is to promise assistance while insuring dependence on themselves.

These groups and organizations will always promote themselves as the defenders of the poor and downtrodden. They depend upon the ignorance, fear and lack of willingness to investigate the facts on the part of their members. They promise that only they can help their members and call on marches and other demonstrations, both civil and uncivil, to aid their causes.

They will organize rallies and pay and/or coerce their members to attend in order to make a “Show of Support”. The power and influence of these organizations is greater than any commercial enterprise and one dare not speak against them for fear of loosing ones life either figuratively or literally.

One thing of which you can be sure of: the government, whatever that means to you, will not really protect you from your own ignorance and stupidity; though they will make a lot of noise while they are doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. Remember, a politician’s first job is to get re-elected.

From this, you may well understand that slavery is about the powerful controlling the powerless. The naked ape strikes again.

By now you should have realized that there is a kind of psychosis at work here and self-righteousness has more to do with supporting these “self-imposed-slavery-organizations” than any amount of reason can overcome

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