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The concept of religion goes back as far as history recalls. It is reasonable to infer that pre-history civilizations had some form or religion and the most likely candidate was the witch-doctor/medicine-man. Just as astronomy and astrology were inseparable in their early existence, medicine and religion were one concept before the world began differentiating between them. The purpose of both of these was to explain the inexplicable and interpret nature. With no real understanding of nature, everything was explained in metaphysical terms.

Eventually some form of religion developed in an attempt to explain natural actions and gods were created because of the one underlying need of mankind to answer one simple question: Why?

Gods came in many sizes, shapes and types ranging from the capricious to some reason for their behavior. The majority of gods required some type of tribute and even sacrifice. We have evidence of this from extinct civilizations all over the world. These gods were always representative of the civilization that created these gods. Their mythologies followed the values they respected.

Eventually, monotheistic religions arose. There is much debate about the time this occurred but the success of these beliefs is obvious in terms of how much of the world belives in them. What is interesting about these religions is how their gods evolved along with civilization. I used the plural here because both the names of these gods differ as well as their principles for living according to their beliefs.

The whole point of religion from the believer's perspective is to explain the “meaning of life” and therefore make the pain of existence tolerable. Even the leaders of these belief systems accept that as their reason for participating. One additional declared benefit of participating is that there will be an afterlife which is better than our present one.

Sadly, it is all too easy to see that what is accepted as human behavior is atrocious and must therefore be “evil”. Evil implies good and good implies God. Therefore, God must exist otherwise life is intolerable for most.

There are, however, portions of the world where the monotheistic gods do not have sway. Sadly, the missionary concept of “saving” people from their “ignorance” is gradually eliminating these small pockets of natural worlds and replacing their beliefs with these mythologies.

95% of the people on this planet declare some type of religions affiliation or belief, give or take a few points. In spite of that few, if any, can agree on their actual beliefs. However, since these beliefs are “faith-based” agreement is not generally necessary.

Now it is true that many scientists disagree, that is the whole point of science. It is equally important in science to disprove a particular point of view or theory as it is to postulate a new one. That having been said, there are no declared “wars” that have broken out over disagreements in science although, there have been a few individuals who have come to blows over the years.

Doing battle with those who disagree with your ideas or beliefs is a very human condition and nothing does a better job of making that happen on a large and usually very bloody scale than religion.


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