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What is reality anyway?

Just like Truth, and even more-so than Beauty reality is in the eye of the beholder. Reality like beauty and even truth are in the eye of the beholder. Nothing else explains so well why the world is at war and why it is nearly impossible for people to agree on what is important and how to fix the problems we face today. Don't look for solutions here. The best that can be offered is a different way of looking at the world and some insight into understanding the seemingly irrational beliefs of those who do not agree with you.

Each person creates his or her own reality. This is a philosophy espoused by Descartes. Other philosophers believed that our reality came from our heritage. I believe that both are true and do not necessarily contradict each other.

People start from birth being taught a reality their parent or parents believe. This is perhaps the most significant factor in the development of the individual. Throughout their lives, they are exposed to more and diverse realities. Eventually, they adopt some portion of these realities into their own reality.

Pretty much all "reality" is a result of what you were taught or experienced growing up. Most people reach a point where they stop questioning their own reality unless something unexpected happens. Then, they lose their own sense of what is and is not real and often, their sanity in the process.

The best examples of alternative realities can be found on the pages discussing God and Religion. People who have a religious conversion are doing nothing more than adopting a new reality while discarding old realities. This type of overall change in realities is somewhat tenuous at best and requires reinforcement from others in order to maintain one's belief in this new reality. That is one of the most significant functions of religion especially extreme/radical religions.

For many reasons I have always sought "truth" which is another way of defining reality. Questioning reality has become something of a life-long quest for me and I delight in jousting at windmills. Welcome to my reality!


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