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You may reasonably believe that power and privilege run hand-in hand since they do, generally speaking. However, many people have power in their positions even if it is a very restricted in its scope and degree. Often, the power they have is by denying you access: access to information; access to a person; access to a building and even access to … (more later).

You will often note just how such power is misused and abused. Therefore, it is easy to see just how someone or, more often, an organization will use their power to deny you access to services for which you pay and therefore should be entitled to receive.

… (now to healthcare) I mention the last because of something I only recently became aware existed: Single-Payer National Health Insurance (http://www.pnhp.org/). Generally all of the information on this website are links within this site and is of my own reality. In this case, we see just another example of the way people are removed from the governing process and have no voice in decisions that affect us all.

In spite of my outrage and probably yours once you learn of this power-play by the rich and mighty insurance companies, it is largely of our own making. We are more like lemmings when it comes to our involvement in politics and important decisions in our own lives. We would rather be spoon-fed, play follow-the-leader and jump off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings than try to do something about it.

Our politicians will tell us what is good for us and we will believe it without challenge because they are supposed to be on our side (whatever that means). Unfortunately, since these same politicians, even president Obama, depend heavily upon corporate backing, you and I are being sold lies constantly to take care of “special interest groups” they loudly and hypocritically disown while taking large donations and meeting regularly with lobbyists from these same groups.

Just in case you do not want to be a lemming, follow the link above to the Physicians for a National Health Program to learn just how we are all being deceived by our president and the powers that control Washington.

It would be remiss of me not to mention some of the other direct influences on our lives before leaving this page.

Labor unions were formed to be a counter-balance to the power of corporations over their employees. These large companies and corporations were treating their employees much like slaves and indentured servants because they could and it was in their financial interest to do so. Labor organization and collective bargaining served to overcome this inequality. Sadly, the cure became as bad as the disease.

Recognizing their power, unions sought to solidify their control over workers, and thereby companies, by providing for more than the basic needs and making themselves essential to the social needs of workers. To better understand this, you need to take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Each union member is a member of anywhere from three to five committees and head of at least one of these. This integration of actual worker rights with social needs satisfies the first three levels of Maslow and part of the forth. It also insures loyalty to the organization and makes it nearly impossible to cure the cure.

Once again president Obama got it wrong when he said labor unions did not cause the financial crisis. While it is true they did not “Trigger” the crisis, they have been an integral participant in the overvaluation of workers and the escalation of costs of manufacturing. Only the crisis we are all suffering from has enabled any reduction of these benefits which are just as outrageous as the compensation bank executives, not in amount of course, but in that they are unearned in the eyes of almost anyone who is not affiliated with labor unions.

And while I am venting about the rich and powerful, let us not forget the credit card companies. Congress sucks at their teat as well. The recent smoke and mirrors effort to convince you that they (congress) are actually doing something about the problem will only result in temporary and easily avoided restrictions. There were already usury laws that were in place and were repealed by congress at the behest of the banks and credit companies.

One group you may not believe should be here are activists.

It is at this point that I should point out that I expect a revolt in the next few years. That is, if we have not already destroyed ourselves through biological and nuclear means. This website is not advocating such a disintegration of our social and governmental system. It is merely pointing out the inevitability of such events. When it comes it will not be something as nice as a “Tea Party”. There will be no united front as there was in the first revolution. Rather, it will be a disintegration of society into so many splinter groups that our political and social fabric will shred into tatters. Wait a minute!! It is happening now, isn’t it?

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