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This one section will probably draw more fire from every corner than even our views on Religion and God.

The rich and powerful love the poor, as long as there are not too many of them. Without the poor, they could not be rich and powerful. Referring to Maslow and Human Nature, one of the most basic drives is to reproduce. We have a society that not only accepts rampant population growth; it fights against any attempt to keep it to a reasonable level.

The media is constantly throwing in our faces images of starving and dying people, usually in other countries. The most likely aid to these people comes directly or indirectly from religious organizations that are against every, or nearly every, form of reproductive responsibility.

Even when these organizations sponsor or build schools, you can bet that contraception will not be included in the curriculum. The only form of birth control that is taught is abstinence and that is only on a religious basis.

Two things that are almost never done or even attempted is to explain to them that having babies when you cannot take care of them is basically a form of child abuse (if you want to be moral instead of simply reasonable) and they need to focus on getting their life under control before satisfying their base-line needs for sex or at lease use birth control.

Now let’s deal with how the poor enable the rich and powerful: Slavery

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