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It is impossible to identify when politics began because we can see it in the behavior of various species today. By inference, we were a political animal before we came down from the trees. Studies in groups of chimps and monkeys have revealed not only the propensity for a leader to emerge from a group and incite an attach on another species of primate (see Us and Them), but the same action to be instigated against a member of their own group.

When you see this behavior it is chilling to realize that we all have the mindless primitive at the very core of our being. Situations such as the Reginald Denny incident demonstrate how easily “mob mentality” can replace reasoned responses. And, less you think this was because of anyone’s race, many other types of incidents such as the day care sex abuse hysteria of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

It is not within the scope of this website to expand further on any of these incidents. You can search the web yourself for more information. Now, to bring this to what you thought this page was about…

Politics is about the relationship of people to other people and their standing in any group, community or organization. Because politics is "hard-coded" in our genes, we are by definition political animals. What humans have done is to institute political doctrine into our basic social structure in a way that no other animal has or can do. Unfortunately, what we have failed to do (or more accurately perhaps) is to deal with the realities of who and what we are in such a way as to overcome our own natures. For this reason, our political system is not viable nor will it ever be so.

In our prehistoric condition politics was much simpler. It was based on physical strength and ferocity alone. Today we have augmented this primal power function with new definitions of power. We have created diverse and complex political structures along with expansive rules and regulations in a vain attempt to legislate morality. Because we fail to recognize the base nature of our being and attach un-definable metaphysical attributes such as a soul to ourselves, we are constantly painting ourselves into a corner and then overr-correcting in ever convoluted attempts to fix the problems we create. You will probably see this throughout the site but I believe that it is virtually impossible to come to a correct conclusion when you start from an invalid argument. Unfortunately, it is in our very nature to do that at nearly every turn.

The Politician

The primary job of a politician is to get re-elected. Everything they do or say is distorted by this reality. Every law they pass is a result of pressure from some group or organization with an agenda. Does this sound cynical? Remember, a cynic is just an experienced optimist.

The all too “human” nature that drives us all is that power corrupts. This is the primary reason why there are so many corrupt politicians. Even if “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, there is a great likelihood that he will become corrupted by participating in the system and his association with the vast majority of people, politicians and others, who are already corrupted.

Politics is, after all, a popularity contest. Almost no one who votes has even the most basic understanding of constitutional law much less any understanding of the topics which result in many, usually ineffectual, laws.

One other thought… When our founding fathers wrote our constitution, they could not possible have envisioned what has happened in the last hundred years and how these changes adversely affect the political process. There is little doubt they expected some favoritism for friends in high places. However, they could not have foreseen the mega-companies and goliaths that run our country instead of the governing body they defined.

This is one of those situations where you think: “If I only had a time machine, I could go back to the writing of the constitution and get them to put laws in place to protect us from these usurpers of power.” Unfortunately, even if it were possible to travel back in time, it is highly unlikely that you would be successful for two reasons: 1 – It would be impossible to explain the current situation to them as it would not fit into their reality at the time. 2 – These are the same people who said that a Black Man was only seven tenths of a white man.

Lest you think the business world is better, I would remind you of the recent financial disasters. Politics plays just a big a part in business and industry as it does in government. I have personally seen and experienced disasters brought about by internal politics in a business. Even if you are self employed, you still have to deal with customers on a political basis.

Competency is almost never a requirement for a position in government or even within a company. Employees are almost never fired for incompetence if they are politically astute. In fact, being competent will often make you the target of the less competent who will attack someone who’s abilities and skill may threaten their position within a company.

Such is the nature of politics (man).

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