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Like self-righteousness, political correctness is one of the greatest evils on the planet masquerading as righteous. It is an insanity that the majority have adopted in the effort to “sanitize” all communications and suppress open and honest dialog. The irony of that last item is that these same people are zealous in supporting open and honest dialog as long as it suites their own reality.

A good idea of this hypocrisy can be seen from recent events in centers of supposedly higher education in North Carolina. In both of these situations, activists sought to, and were successful at suppressing the presentation of viewpoints that could be considered politically-incorrect. Now having a protest outside of the auditorium and even having signs inside that you hold up as a means of protest are within the bounds of “civil disobedience”. However, having your protest staged inside by shouting over the speaker and obscuring him or her with your banners making it literally impossible to express their opinion is censorship and that should not happen in an academic environment else there can be no opportunity to consider any opinion that disagrees with your own.

Another example, far less important and somewhat humorous in a sad way, is the censorship of lyrics in a song in a well known musical: “West Side Story” on a local TV station out of Raleigh NC. Anyone who knows the work is familiar with a song titled “America” in which a group of young Puerto Ricans were debating the value of living in America. The women were stressing the positives and the men were pointing out the negatives. As part of this exchange, some racial epithets were used to emphasize the negative of being called these names. The station manager (by approval) allowed the sound to be cut when these offensive words were used.

This is the insanity of political correctness. The use of these words was for the purpose of showing the prejudices against themselves and to raise awareness. The intent of the author/composer was to raise awareness about hatred and fear that comes from the “Us and Them” approach to reality. This particular zealot has also censored some programming by flying announcements over scenes that he felt were too racy and even changing programming when he did not approve of the content.

There is a well known Aphorism, attributed incorrectly to Voltaire (more likely written by Beatrice Hall in the “Friends of Voltaire”), “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Political correctness has all but extinguished philosophy and reason and the only lights of the human animal are fast being extinguished.

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