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When we say “Language” we are not referring to the many forms of non-verbal communication that have been identified by research.

First a point of importance: verbal is not to be confused with oral or spoken. This is one of the most common errors people make using of the word “verbal” when they actually mean “oral” or “spoken”. Verbal means having or using verbs. Verbal communication can be written or spoken. Oral communication is only spoken, sung or by some other means using the mouth and does not require the use of verbs. The reason this is important is that while many animals communicate by sounds or song, we have as yet to detect any verbal structure or sentence structure. The sounds do convey messages and the messages are often a warning or other simple message. However, none of them appear to be rule-based so that they may communicate complex ideas.

Language is also tied directly to creativity. Nothing separates us more from the other animals of this planet than language. At some point, it may be learned that other animals such as whales or dolphins have verbs but the only schools they go to are filled with fish.