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Fear is a Primal Instinct that has kept many species alive throughout the evolution of all creatures. In that sense, fear is a good thing. Imagine if our ancestors were not afraid of "Lions, Tigers and Bears". We would not exist. It is just that simple.

The "Fear Response" is triggered whenever we feel threatened in any way. Fear gives us the "fight or flight" syndrome which is usually helpful when in the wild plains of Africa or in a gang-infested urban area. But, what the hell are you doing there anyway?

Throughout the development of civilization there have been and are many things which cause us fear that have little to do with life-threatening situations but still cause that primal response. Along with the other things discussed on this website, fear is at the root of our downfall as a species.

The trifecta of Primal Behavior

Weather you call it the "Id", the "R-complex" or the "reptilian brain", most of our behavior is driven by the "mindless primitive" in all of us. Almost nothing we do is governed by reasoning and rational thought processes. Whenever we encounter any idea or situation that does not fit into our own reality (like this website), the process is the same: First we Fear what we do not understand. Fear blocks Reasoning. Without our ability to reason, we cannot learn or understand. This is an inescapable loop that few are able to overcome. Most cannot do so without someone to help them.

Interestingly enough, this issue is often addressed in our entertainment media. Unfortunately, it is usually only done so to repeatedly address only a few situations; those that are deemed politically correct.

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