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Many people argue about the validity of the “Theory of Evolution” by Charles Darwin. The so-called “Christian Right” supports “Intelligent Design” which has been determined in court to be nothing more than “Creationism” repackaged.

Many of the detractors of evolution demonstrate their ignorance of science by saying "it is only a theory". If you know anything about science, you know that it is ALL THEORETICAL. A theory must be developed from and idea and then put to rigorous examination by other scientists to determine if there is any validity to the theory. Evolution as a theory is supported by the preponderance of evidence. It is constantly being "fine-tuned" as it should be. However, it has never been disproved. Perhaps the most significant support to the theory of evolution comes from something which Darwin could never have known given the state of science in his day: DNA.

There was always a misunderstanding that we evolved from apes. It is more correct to say that we and apes share some common ancestors. In either case, the sad truth is that we have failed to evolve. We are primates who have “dressed up” their genetically inherited animal instincts with cultural activities that are, for the most part, acceptable to the public at large and create an illusion of reality that we are somehow different from the rest of our simian relatives.

This website is devoted in large part to exposing the underlying realities of so-called “Human” behaviors and identifying the “real” differences between homo-sapiens and other animals with which we share this planet.

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