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Good and Evil

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Don't look for a theological answer here. The way I see good and evil is that they are simply manifestations of our social consciousness in the case of "good". In the case of "evil" our animal nature overriding the good in us. You could simplify this even further by saying that "abuse of power" defines evil.

I do not believe in "sin". That is an artificial construct which is far too relativistic. In some religions having a drink is a sin. In others it is a social activity and, in at least one, it is a requirement. Sin has no absolute meaning and is therefore, meaningless.

We really do not need a lot of rules if we could learn to recognize who and what we are as relates to our nature. This of course will never happen as our very nature makes us incapable of overcoming  it. To do that we would all have to become "Self-Actualized" and that simply cannot happen. In fact, it raises the question: can any species evolve successfully through the primitive stage to a truly evolved state?

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