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Entitlement is a social disease. So much effort has been wasted trying to prove that two wrongs make a right (misspelling intentional) that reality has been warped and what was once reasonable and common sense is now politically incorrect. If fact, if you have the temerity to speak out against entitlements, you are automatically branded as a racists or some other derogatory term. All of this is being done in the name of "Social Justice" which is a euphemism for many things none of which is a good idea.

Those who buy into the idea of entitlements are either seeking power or willing to become slaves to those who sell them the false idea that entitlements are good for anyone. Entitlements are bad for everyone but will always get votes because we are so self-centered that we cannot see the danger they pose.

President John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural speech: "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country". These and other noble words from leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. have been drowned out by those who pose as the benefactors for the poor and oppressed but who in reality are only interested in their own advancement. These people of evil intent may even believe that they are doing what is best for these people but I doubt it. They use entitlements to justify and insure their own existence.

Helping people is hard work and it requires that the people you are helping are also willing to share in the work. Everyone appears to have forgotten the wisdom of teaching people to fish instead of just giving them someone elses fish. The bottom line is: Why would most people who have little, if any, sense of responsibility be willing to do the hard work if they can get everything for free.

Entitlements and other social engineering programs will destroy civilization.

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