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Desire and Reproduction

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The most powerful instinct of all is the survival instinct. There are basically two kinds of survival:

  • Immediate/Personal Survival
  • Survival of the Species

We discuss Immediate or personal survival when we discuss Fear but this also included the need for food and other amenities as discussed under Maslow. and, although sex is identified as a personal need there, it really comes under the heading "Survival of the Species".

In order for a species to survive it must address two issues. The first is individual survival and the second is reproduction. If you look at every creature from the microscopic germ or virus to the elephant, reproduction is their primary motivator. It has to be or a species will simply die out.

All forms of live have evolved methods of reproduction which work for them. Desire is a part of sexual reproduction. To the best of our knowledge, there is no sentience in asexual creatures. All forms of life over-reproduce. Reproduction, regardless of its form, is subject to deviations from the source(s). Some of these deviations will result in advantages to the species that will enable it to evolve into improved and sometimes "new" species. Those variations which are not viable generally simply die. In spite of the fact that we have "Anthropomorphized" nature by calling it "Mother Nature". Nature works without bias or animosity.

Humanity, in conjunction with religion, attempts to thwart nature at every turn. Now this might be manageable if we accepted our own nature instead of injecting religion but as long as we deny the biological and physical reality of our existence and allow ourselves to reproduce like wild animals, we are dooming ours species and many others to extinction. At the very least, we are de-evolving as a species.

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