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Welcome to Other Alternate Realities. If you are easily offended, a minor or very religious, you should leave immediately. This is your last warning!

Defining Reality – In this part we shall explore the concept of reality and attempt to provide some common basis for understanding which will be required in order to comprehend the rest of the content in this website.

Exploring Religion - Religion is an enormous topic and can only be covered to the extent that it affects our reality. The discussion of religion will be limited to Christianity for the most part although other religious ideas may be referenced

Philosophical Realities – Philosophy will be discussed as it pertains to itself and the creation of our own realities.

Human Evolution – Reality is shaped by human evolution and human evolution is shaped by reality. This section is primarily dedicated to identifying how much of our realities are passed on by genes and how much are created by artificial and abstract constructs

You will find things here with which you are likely to strongly disagree and other things that make sense to you. You can get angry and go away or examine your own reality to see if it is based on reason or dogma. We hope you will do the latter.