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Creativity is not unique to humans. There are some birds that attract mates by building nests. These nests must meet some unknown standards of quality and appearance or the female will reject the nest and the potential mate. Although this level pales in comparison to the phenomenal breadth and depth of creativity in humans, it is nonetheless creativity.

Here is a definition of the creative process that may well help to explain why it appears unique to us:

Saturation followed by rest followed by inspiration yields creativity.

Saturation means learning as much as you possible can about the subject of interest. Rest is not just physical rest. It means that you think about other things. You should not try to solve another problem. You need to give your brain a rest and mindless entertainment is a great way to do it. Finally, after a day or more, you will find that new ideas come to you. They may suddenly just “pop into your mind” or something that is not related may trigger them. The key is to address this new information and to fix it immediately in some permanent manner or it may get away from you.