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The ability to reason is one thing. An octopus can reason how to open the top of a jar in order to get food out of a jar but does it comprehend the mechanics behind the act. Can it understand how to apply this knowledge to other systems and will it do anything more than feed itself with that knowledge?

As far as we have been able to ascertain, the answer is simply: No.

We would refer you to creativity. When you combine creativity with comprehension and understanding you tend to get invention. It is true that some animals use tools. However, what we have observed is that this behavior is generally passed on by observation. Interestingly, teaching it turns out, is one of the shared capabilities between humans and other animals. The expression “monkey see monkey do” is also true. They can be trained and they can learn from observation and they can train but only on the method they first used. And, if a skill is not passed on by observation, it is lost.

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