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All you need to do is look about you to see the importance of beauty in the natural world and you can easily understand why it is so powerful in human lives. There is little doubt that using the “Birds and the Bees” as a metaphore for sex is most accurate. The beauty of flowers is important in attracting bees so that the bees can polinate the flowers. Experiments and observations with birds have shown that “decorative” appearance elements that have no other possible value are used by the male to attract the female for sexual reproduction.

In nature it is usually the male that is the most physically attractive. Among humans it is both. Experiments with infants only a few months of age have demonstrated effectively that we are hard-wired to prefer beautiful physically attractive people. Even though there is an effort to deny the value of beauty, entire industries have grown up appealing to human vanity.

Perhaps the truest and most annoying thing about beauty is that it will nearly always “grease the wheels” for those who benefit from it naturally and, to a lesser degree, those who achieve beauty through artificial means. Life is generally easier and more pleasurable for the “Beautiful People” and they are often oblivious or in denial about their unearned “privilege”.

If this were the only issue we have with beauty, we would just be complaining because we are not “beautiful”. The really frightening thing about beauty is that people who have it, whatever “it” is, are believed more easily than those who do not have any privilege. It is as if there were “Truth in Beauty” and we know, or should know that is not the case. We should, in fact, consider their beauty and look upon what they have to say with some skepticism since their reality is formed or distorted by their own attractiveness.