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Physical strength has become institutionalized in sports and athletics. In both primate behavior and the development of mankind, physical strength has played an important part in selecting our tribal (troop in primates) leaders. It is still significant in sexual reproduction.

It should be clearly noted that I am only referring to the competition aspect of physical strength, not the act of exercising or taking care of ones body because these are both good for the body and good for the mind.

The reality that concerns me is when people believe that an accomplished athlete, or worse, a sports “jock” actually have something valuable to contribute in terms of social or intellectual values. That may happen once in a great while but it is far from the norm. Yet these public figures are elevated to “role models” and, as we have seen all too often, that is NOT a good thing. I suspect that the reality is there are many more so-called role models who are far more human than many might think.

Appreciate them for their achievement in sports or athletics. Applaud them all you will but do not make them “heroes” of anything other than their talent or most of them will disappoint.


This update is a little late but it is so appropriate to the discussion that I feel a need to include it here.

One sports figure for whom I had great respect until his infidelities came into focus was Tiger Woods. He was not only at the top of his game, he also was well spoken and appeared to have a level head. Unfortunately, he used the wrong head in his decision making. Pun aside, Success, fame and "Hero Worship" almost always lead to that old saying: Pride cometh before a fall. Hubris might be a better word. All human beings can be seduced by acclamations and admiration. The way in which we treat the "Worship" of famous people is one of our failings as human beings and goes right back to natural selection. Once again we fail to evolve.

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