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Atheism and Slavery

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Like most people I always thought that if you did not believe in God, you were an atheist. After careful reconsideration, it appears to me at least, that it takes far more than that to actually be an atheist.

Firstly, you must not be angry with “God” or you are simply a believer who does not accept true atheism. You do not qualify.

If you are merely indifferent but accept that there may be a god, you are more accurately an agnostic. However, for most people the “need” for some god or other form of deity cannot be ignored.

I have a friend that claims to be an atheist or at least does not believe in “God”. However, he is constantly in search of someone to worship. His heroes are usually some form of sports figure and he is devastated when they fall from grace as the fairly recent scandal surrounding one of his heroes, Tiger Woods, demonstrates.

Unlike my friend, I admire talented and successful people but do not elevate them to the status of “hero worship”. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about his fixations is that he is only interested in viewing one of their events if the person wins. This is a way of avoiding their natural humanity and weaknesses.

Another interesting thing about him is that he is always seeking some form of “programming” to find enlightenment. He often brought me books which only needed a brief and superficial scanning to see that they were based in sophistry and illusion.

In spite of my constant exposing these frauds, he invited me to attend a seminar at his expense to convince me that it was the “real thing”. It was not and I was so glad to get out of there I cannot tell you how quickly I ran, not walked out of the place. It was in fact a cult but because they are in business and have the money to do me great harm, I cannot tell you who they are by name. What I can tell you is that you are supposed to magically get inspired and follow their path to “enlightenment”. That is, if you accept that what they tell you is true and you don’t know anything yourself and you cannot help yourself without their assistance. Isn’t that the very definition of “Cult”? He threw away thousands of dollars attending these seminars and it didn’t do him a bit of good. I only cost him $100.00 and he deserved to loose that because he would not see the light. He eventually left them.

Now we come to the main point. As I have said before, politics and religion and one and the same in their function and the human need to worship a higher power. There is a lot you can read into that statement and you will most likely be right about what you think about me.

The far right often refers to Democrats, liberals and progressives as “Godless”. If you capitalize “God” they are right. However, if on the other hand, you take it in the context of this page/website, the “right” is wrong.

Their present “god” is Obama and you can have all the fun with that you will. However, it is important to understand that just like my friend; nearly everyone who has not reached the fifth level of Maslow’s pyramid still need some form of god. For most on the left it is some philosophy, organization or person.

The real problem with this form of “transference” is that you not only imbue the person or group with undeserved acclaim and “faithfulness”, you almost always accept what they tell you on faith with little or no skepticism. That is where the real problems begin.

Recent events have pointed out just how easily people can be persuaded that truth is falsehood and lies are true. I am of course pointing to the recent demonstrations from the left especially labor unions. Those who believe they are justified and are acting in good faith have become the “Slaves” of those who want to maintain power.

The same is also true for the NAACP. They along with the current DOJ are forcing police departments to change grades of “African-Americans” in order to achieve “Social Justice”. Even more insanity… Those African-Americans who are already on the police force are not happy with this because they full well realize that their stature will be diminished by this obscenity.

Unfortunately there too few black people who can see that they are just being used by the NAACP, not for their advancement as the name says, but to be their slaves and support their black masters instead of white masters.

Unless slavery if forcefully imposed, it is self-imposed.

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