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Recently a news story broke about a questionnaire that had terrorists listed as a choice for activist activities. It was quickly attacked by the PC police and other left-wing organizations that want everyone’s reality distorted through their own sense of reality. A Google search for “activists as terrorists” returns article after article that reflects this view. Like most ideas that have been taken to extremes, the root idea is discredited by extreme examples. Since most people depend on others to their thinking for them, no serious discussions on the topic will even be given the light of day.

While I am attacking the left wing, let me do equal justice for the right wing. Few would argue that abortion is a good choice on any grounds. I will not enter the debate other than to say that I do not hold to the extreme beliefs of the right-wing on life. That being said, when a group of activists are hounding and terrorizing a woman who has elected to go to an abortion clinic, this is definitely terrorism. You are terrorizing the woman… the very definition of terrorism.

One of the basic principals of activism and/or terrorism is that thinking is replaced with dogma. In essence, it becomes a kind of religion even if it is not sponsored directly by religion. Each of these activist organizations listed here has supplanted the normal social order as defined by Maslow with their own internal structure and organization.

Last, but definitely not least of these is the NAACP. Yes, I understand that I am literally taking my life in my hands by criticizing this institution but someone needs to do it other than the KKK. A former neighbor was either a member of the KKK or had sympathies for them. Needless to say, it made me quite uncomfortable. Any group or organization that defies critical examination as does the NAACP must be considered suspect as to their motives.

I grew up at the time of the civil rights movement as you will understand if you have read the rest of this site. I followed Martin Luther King, Jr. with great interest and great expectations. I believe him to have been a man with an innate sense of justice and morality. Like Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus before him, he spoke as someone who had achieved the highest level of Maslow. With his murder, hope died for all. Just like Jesus, his followers were poor substitutes. His assassination enabled those in his organization who did not believe in what he did to instigate social unrest to a level far and above what the man himself would have ever allowed.

The first known activist, Jesus purportedly took only one terrorist action when he drove the money-changers out of the temple. I have always wondered at the dichotomy between this act and everything else that has been attributed to him. It makes one wonder just how apocryphal the Bible really is.

This type of unrest paralleled what happened when Gandhi was assassinated as well. Not just the violence, more importantly and insidiously, the rise to power of those who, I believe distorted his “Dream” of equality.

Like labor unions and elected officials, the primary purpose of the NAACP is to continue its existence not for the betterment of its people so much as to retain power. One of the recent examples of this abuse of power stems from a case that has become known as the “Duke Lacrosse Case”. Yes it was instigated largely by the local district attorney for political purposes. However, the NAACP jumped on the bandwagon with all fours and, in total mob rule, condemned the players in spite of the total lack of evidence other than the word of an obviously unbalanced black woman who was, I am sure, not well received or compensated adequately in her own reality.

This was such an extraordinary abuse of power by the NAACP that one might expect an apology. However reason does not keep company with fanaticism any more than love.

The bottom line for activists is that “The End Justifies the Means”.

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