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It is fundamentally impossible to change many minds and we know that. The best we can hope for is to answer questions you may have had or get you to question things that you automatically accept.

We are not attempting to create a new religion for we believe that for those of us who have the ability, rationalism is the best course. For most of you, rationalization is the preferred approach to reality.

The content of this website is presented in what we hope you will find to be a clear and cohesive manner. We understand that most of you will disagree with a portion, if not nearly all, of the information provided here but at least you will have had the opportunity to hear our Other Alternate Realities.

To a large extent, the development of this site has been cathartic. It has also served as a way to organize our thoughts and tie them together into a coherent and reasonably contiguous series of documents. Our epistemology if you will… Often people believe that their ideas are superior to that of others. Obviously, we believe this as well. However, until you verbalize your thoughts and put them in a written form, it is nearly impossible to examine and question them thoroughly.

You alone are responsible to how you respond to this message and any aggressive or belligerent activity on your part will only prove our reality to be true.

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